The more you know the less you see? (a concept)

We use our hands every day. We use our eyes every day. We can go outside and see the clouds, the trees and the colour of the sky whenever we please. And like anything we observe (no matter how phenomenal), we slowly become used to seeing that phenomenon in our day to day lives, and the majesty starts to fade in our eyes. A tree becomes just a tree and a person just a person, and things are just what they are because that’s just the way it is?

A moment that I found a sense of awakening, (and perhaps a hint of insanity), was when I learned how to remove myself from the bracket of consciousness that my ageing memory has created. Now, hands aren’t just hands anymore. Trees aren’t just trees anymore. Everything that we have made to be normal has the most astounding alien-like appeal. Normal is an illusion, and envisioning, acknowledging and marveling the abnormality of things becomes like a hallucination.

I feel as though that hallucination is reality. From the moment you were born and could perceive things, you’ve reckoned with the complications of your surroundings and compiled sets of logic and routines. You’d see things again and again, react to pain and emotion again and again, when eventually before you know it, you’re entire life is an illusion that you’ve compiled to make yourself feel comfortable in and simply to help yourself cope. (So basically when you see a child playing, and they look absolutely high on life, I think they may literally be the case.)

A similar concept was grasped in an article by Maia Szalavitz Where the fact that the mind works in fractals was used to hypothesise that when taking a psychedelic drug, the fractals you see are in actual fact a part of the thing you are looking at. That the drug doesn’t make something that isn’t there, but instead lets you see what’s really there by expanding the constraints of what your mind can absorb. Implying that we simplify things instinctively on a daily basis to protect ourselves.

If the experiences you have alter your perceptions of things, the end result is not reality, they are what create the illusions, and reality is how everything is without your minds alteration caused by the experiences. So the older you get the more delusional you become, where the common deduction would usually be the opposite.


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